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Welcome to the new Guerrilla portfolio and blog

Today is very bright and energetic around the office, because the new version of my portfolio is now live. I’ve taken it from a single page html/css page, to a full blown WordPress website, showing off my work, plugins, commercial themes and thoughts about design and development.

The old version of this website was built in 2009 and has been active ever since, making its outdated style so overwhelming that I finally had to do something about it.

Besides, I had so many great new client projects to show off, I couldn’t wait to get the new version of my site up to showcase the progression over the years.

What you’ll find here

In comparison to my old one page website, I now have various sections that you’ll want to get acquainted with.

WordPress Themes
My portfolio is now running on the Guerrilla’s Work CPT plugin I released, and includes separate sections for full blown WordPress theme development project and PSD to WP only.

WordPress Plugins
Over the past year or so I’ve been building plugins. Most of them come out of necessity, either of my own or my clients, and instead of just using them once, I released them for free to the public.

The Blog
On the blog I plan on writing my thoughts on design and development, WordPress, and general news about the work I’m creating, the plugins I release, etc.

Clarity WordPress Theme
Looking for a clean and responsive WordPress theme to build your blog on? The Clarity WordPress theme is what I use for all of my client projects, this very website is built on it, and I now have it up for sale here.

Quick Setup
If you need a blog design set up but don’t want to hire me for a full blown design and development project, you can use the Quick Setup to get a customized version of the Clarity WordPress theme, along with setup, plugin installation and a free e-book on marketing your new blog.

What’s next

I’ve already written a few articles, which you can see active on the blog right now, and I have some great tutorials planned for the near future as well.

In the meantime, read around the site, check out the Work and get in touch so I can show you how I can help get you set up with the custom blog design you deserve!

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