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Start Earning $5,000+ Every Month From Your Freelance Business!

Feast or Famine. Cold Calling Chills. Asshole Clients. We’ve all been through it. I know I have. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to freelance marketing. I ran the Guerrilla Freelancing blog for the last 8 years but recently decided to let it go and focus more on Made by … Continue reading

Get Connected: Social media is now required for freelance success

Without the right connections, your marketing efforts are just a swing and a miss. In 2012 I posted an article asking if you could take a digital detox and build a business without social media, and today I want to admit that I was wrong. Not all businesses require social media presence (woodworkers, doctors, etc) to be successful, but for … Continue reading

Using Twitter Analytics for Better Social Media Marketing

When is the last time you actually gave a fuck about how your marketing efforts were going? Yesterday? A month ago? A year ago? Consider this your friendly reminder that Twitter is an absolute beast when it comes to marketing and engaging fans, friends and customers. Over the last month I’ve been utilizing Twitter more than previous months, revving up … Continue reading

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