Clarity WordPress Theme

The Clarity WordPress theme was built to showcase your content in a clean and professional way. Without the bloat that a lot of commercial WordPress themes have, Clarity is lightweight and built to do exactly what it should – elegantly present your content while letting you do what you do best; publish amazing articles.

Clarity is 100% Responsive

With nearly 40% of all web browsing done on mobile phones, you can no longer have a website that doesn’t display properly on mobile devices. Luckily for you, Clarity is built to be 100% responsive and work on all devices.

And because sticky navigation bars are quicker to navigate, the navigation bar in Clarity also stays stuck to the top of the screen after you scroll down the page, allowing your visitors to browse your site with ease.

Clarity is also developer friendly

If you’re a WordPress developer and looking for a great responsive theme to use as a base for your client projects, Clarity is perfect for you. Built on a grid with clean and well documented code, as well as action hooks throughout the entire theme, you’ll be able to customize your client projects with ease.

With Clarity, the possibilities are endless!

Pricing that works for you

While most theme companies and individual theme providers have made it their main focus to get as much money out of you as possible, I believe that things should be priced differently, putting Clarity in more bloggers hands and making the web a better place at the same time.

Most WordPress theme providers are charging upwards of $100 per theme, but The Clarity WordPress theme is priced at the low cost of $49.95, cutting the cost immediately in half when compared to other developers.

Give your blog the Clarity it deserves

What are you waiting for? You know it’s the right thing to do, so click the button below & get your copy.