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Want to know the #1 secret to freelance success?

The generation we live in now wants everything at the touch of a button, from the media access we have via smartphones to the success we get in our freelance business. The problem is, the quick fix isn’t always the best fix. Freelance success is what we all strive for, and that’s what this blog is about – building a … Continue reading

Push and Pull: Blending your marketing and interactions

The days of buying ad space on a website and expecting clients to magically appear are over. The last few years we’ve seen an uptick in the importance of content marketing and from 2015 on, we’re going to see even more human interaction needed in order to make sales. As we all become more connected through social media, and the … Continue reading

The newbie freelancers guide to engaging marketing

Tell me if this sounds familiar. I spent the first few months as a freelancer in a whirlwind of fast paced action, trying everything I could to get clients, and most of the stuff I did was unproductive. I tried every tactic I read from numerous blogs and never paid attention to the power of a properly prepared game plan. … Continue reading

5 Ways to leverage Twitter for new freelance business

Next to word of mouth, social media is by far one of the greatest ways to gain new freelance business. Today, we’ll be going over five different ways you can leverage the power of Twitter in order to find new potential clients and get those sales you’re after. And Twitter is ripe for the picking. With more than 284 million … Continue reading

Word of Mouth: Getting new freelance clients the easy way

Let me let you in on a secret. Building your freelance business is going to be tough at first. You’re going to spend more time marketing than actually working on client projects. But like that little snowball rolling down a hill, over time it’ll pick up steam and grow into the monstrous size you want it to be. One of … Continue reading

Building your network: Brushing shoulders with industry greats

Your goal is to get ahead in your industry right? To make a substantial living and be able to provide for yourself and your family with your skill-set. To brush shoulders with the heavy hitters in your industry and become one yourself. To be remembered as someone remarkable that everyone should model themselves after. If any of these sound familiar, … Continue reading

Get Connected: Social media is now required for freelance success

Without the right connections, your marketing efforts are just a swing and a miss. In 2012 I posted an article asking if you could take a digital detox and build a business without social media, and today I want to admit that I was wrong. Not all businesses require social media presence (woodworkers, doctors, etc) to be successful, but for … Continue reading

The complete introvert’s guide to internet marketing

For those that know me offline, they would tell you I was always the quiet one in the room with one hand on my car keys and my eyes on the door. Until I got to know you, then I would never shut the fuck up. For those that know me online, its pretty much the same. I boycotted social … Continue reading

Premade business templates are bad for your business & here’s why

Building your business should be something you not only invest time and energy into, but something you should invest your money into as well. If you’re not willing to spend money on your business, why would potential clients feel comfortable doing it? Listen, I was here to see the boom of premium WordPress themes and the flood of bloggers who … Continue reading

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