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5 Ways to leverage Twitter for new freelance business

Next to word of mouth, social media is by far one of the greatest ways to gain new freelance business.

Today, we’ll be going over five different ways you can leverage the power of Twitter in order to find new potential clients and get those sales you’re after.

And Twitter is ripe for the picking.


With more than 284 million users, Twitter has more than enough room for you to spread your marketing efforts around.

But with all of the noise in your Twitter streams, how can you effectively use Twitter to market your business and find clients for your freelance business?

Today I’m going to break down a few great methods that can really skyrocket your business reach and land you those new contracts you’re looking for.

Search for business related keywords and phrases

One of the benefits of 200+ million people being on Twitter is that there are tweets about everything, including people looking for someone who offers your types of service.


Head over to the Advanced search tool and take a second to search for “logo designer” ? which will give you a list of tweets that people sent out with the words “logo designer” as well as a question mark, which I’ve found helps in finding tweets looking for a logo designer, rather than random chatter about logo designs.

You can change out “logo designer” for any phrase that fits your business – “freelance copywriter”, “copywriter needed”,

One thing you must avoid like the plague is tweeting the same tired message over and over again, filling up your timeline with junk advertisements.

You can see an example of what not to do below.


Instead, craft personal messages without listing 3 separate contact methods. As with cold emails, talk to them by name for better results, follow them and if plausible, re-tweet something they’ve recently tweeted so you’re on their radar with more than just a simple “hire me” message.

Whatever you do, don’t use Twitter solely for the purpose of pushing out these forms of contact. It just makes you look bad.

Hijack your competition’s followers

Hijacking your competition’s twitter followers to build a list of people actively interested in the type of services you offer.


Simply Measured offers a free tool to find out who the top influencers are for a specific twitter user.

You can go beyond just finding new potential clients to follow and actually pick out who is most influential, leveraging them through interactions in order to gain added exposure to their followers.

Twitter lists

Potential clients, dream clients, previous clients, friends and influencers. Creating and cultivating these lead lists will help you easily interact with the target groups, weeding out the noise and your social interactions through twitter become laser focused on your chief aims.


A nice tip to supplement your own lists is to check out what public lists your competition has created. Similar interests generally lead to similar target groups, so they may have already saved you the time of figuring out who to add to your lists.

Worried that taking names from your competitions Twitter lists will feel bad? Tomas from FlauntMyDesign put together a post of 17 lists for freelancers, so you no longer have any excuse not to follow this tip!

Once you have a list together of potential clients, make sure you’re checking the list at least once a day and interacting with them.

It might seem trivial at first, but as you keep your name popping up in their stream, you’re burning your name into their brain. Messages are more effective when repeated, just like those shitty pop songs on the radio are sung by millions, even though we hate them (like this), so make sure you’re staying on the potential clients radar and offering quality interactions.

Join relevant #chats

A great way to leverage Twitter to find new business is through twitter chats. You’ve seen them before, where at a certain time of day a #SEMchat is going on, or #blogchat is in full swing, with people all interested in one specific topic interacting.

That’s where you come in.

There’s a website called TweetChat that you can use to search keywords to find chats and the times they happen. This means you can map out a Twitter chat strategy that lets you carve out the times and days you need to be actively on Twitter.


By doing this, you can mingle with your target market, and build up a relationship with potential clients that you’ll be able to leverage in the future.

If you’d like to find the right people to interact with outside of these specific chats, there are various Twitter tools to help you better accomplish this goal.

The influencers you find can even help you learn about new chats they might run, and in turn put you right in front of their audiences.

Get visual with your tweets

When you’re scrolling through your twitter feed, does a tweet with text and a link grab your attention as much as a picture does? Using images in you’re tweets not only helps grab peoples attention in a sea of hashtags but its also proven that tweets with images get re-tweeted 35% more than text-only tweets.

It’s something I’ve been doing a lot lately, by adding images to articles I’m referencing, but also through the use of quote images, where the sole purpose of the tweet is to grab your attention and get retweets, which put my Twitter account in front of a new audience, expanding my reach.


click to tweet the above image

And now with Twitter adding video, you should be thinking of ways to leverage it to your businesses advantage.

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, you could do quick Q&A videos to share your knowledge. If you’re not, grab a stock video from Video Hive and customize it with your own message.

The social landscape is in a constant state of flux

You need to bend with it, or end up left behind trying to keep trends alive when the rest of the business world has passed them (and you) by.

The worst thing you can do as a freelancer is get stuck in a rut with your freelance business marketing efforts. What works today doesn’t always work tomorrow, so test and they various methods of attack to see what works well.

When you find something that works, go ape shit on it as long as possible. But while you’re doing that, always have a couple alternative ways to leverage Twitter in the works.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, right?

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