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10 Reasons you need to hire me for your blog design

If I couldn’t give you a good reason to hire me for your next blog design project, why would you? So that is why I compiled this list of ten reasons why you should hire me; not only to show you why I am the right person for the job, but also to show you that I know how to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

After you read the list, if you have the sudden urge to hire me, please feel free to contact me.

* please note the list is in no particular order or importance. I believe all 10 reasons are important

  1. I am a blogger too – Not only do I design blogs, I write them. I currently write a Freelance Blog that I have been running for just as long as my portfolio has been live. I’ve also covered a lot of various topics as a writer for dozens of other blogs. I understand what a blogger needs as far as functionality goes, and I understand the end result of a great blog design; a great blog. That’s the goal for every blog right?
  2. Exceptional customer service – Unlike some blog design companies, I do not take 24-48 hours to reply to emails. I have email open and around me during most hours of the day. I work in the morning (US time) in order to catch the early workers and bloggers that need my help and I also work late at night (10pm-5/6am US time) in order to catch the night owls here and also my clients from overseas. There’s no reason that because of the time difference they should receive any different quality from me as far as customer services goes.
  3. I love WordPress – Why should this matter to you? Well, 99% of my clients run WordPress and if I love WordPress, then that means I am constantly learning the ins and outs of how to manipulate it, stretch it and bend it to do things normal blogs do not. I also create a lot of WordPress plugins that I release for free via the WordPress repository. That is where me loving WordPress comes in handy because I can turn your website into something no one else in your niche has seen before.
  4. Experience and expertise – I have been designing blogs for a long time and I have been blogging for even longer. I know the ins and outs of how the blogging world works and I know how WordPress and other Content Management Systems work, so I can provide you with top notch quality every time we work together. From designs that are nowhere near cookie-cutter, to special codes and hacks I provide, your website will definitely show the experience I provide is a positive.
  5. This is how I survive – This is the only way I make money so why would I mess that up? If I screw this up, then I am out of money, out of a house and out of a life. I will end up homeless on the streets without a dime to my name and no means to provide for myself. Knowing this ensures that I do everything I can to provide you with the best quality work possible.
  6. I’m completely transparent – Have a question for me? ask me. Want to know what I’m doing with your project? ask me. Unsure if there are hidden fees for your work? ask me. I do not like to or want to hide anything from my clients. Curious as to what I cooked on the grill last night? ask me ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. High quality designs – OK, so maybe I covered this a little bit in point #4 but I thought it was good enough to have on it’s own. My designs are top notch. I do not like to give out shit work and I turn down projects because the client wants me to “just make something simple” or tells me “if I give you half of your asking price, can I just get half the quality – I just need something up quick”. You know that if you hire me, you will get top notch quality when it comes to my design work. A lot of my designs have been featured in various CSS galleries and if you hire me, we can get yours featured too.
  8. Responsive themes – This is a positive reason to hire me because if your website doesn’t show properly in different browsing devices, then mobile viewers would see a crappy website. That could possibly turn the off to your website, your work and/or hiring from you, and I can’t have that. When you hire me, my code is valid, cross browser compatible and 100% responsive so it looks beautiful and works perfectly on all browsing devices, from tablets to mobile phones. We can’t afford to let one visitor pass us by and being responsive helps to not let that happen.
  9. My designs increase your profits and branding – It’s been said before that because of the work I’ve done, websites have increased their readership by X amount of subscribers, increased their profits by X amount of dollars and/or increased their visibility in the blogosphere due to the logos created or the entire layout in general. When your niche is filled with the same styles, being a bit different can skyrocket your profits and branding because people love change, and the oddball is always more noticeable in a room full of suits. My designs do just that.
  10. I’m a lot of fun to talk to – Some people might think I’m a bit too “professional” in conversations but thats because they haven’t got to know me personally yet. I tell jokes – a LOT. I like to laugh and keep conversations as lighthearted as possible. I’d rather talk about how screwed up politics are and how weird music is nowadays then to talk about the 1000 lines of php I had to edit yesterday. Don’t believe me? write me and find out ๐Ÿ™‚

Still not convinced?

Go ahead and contact me about your project and I bet I can convince you to hire me – I’m very persuasive ๐Ÿ™‚

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